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Using her easy-to-absorb concept of "The Five Ps of Premise Prep," author and editor, Tenesha L. Curtis, will walk writers through what it takes to craft characters who live in readers' hearts well beyond the last page of a story. The five components of Person, Pain, Prize, Pitfalls, and Promise help writers organize their ideas about their character and the struggles they'll face throughout a particular tale. Since the five Ps can be used for just about any kind of writing (blog posts, memoirs, children's books, screenplays, textbooks, etc.), this session will impart upon attendees a skill set that can enhance their writing in various aspects of their lives beyond their fiction ventures. 

Creating Characters Who Leap Off the Page

The Craft and Art of Poetry

Dr. Bob Covel and Dr. Cecilia Lee present an interactive workshop for both readers and writers, discussing various poetic elements and exploring sources of inspiration. They will share how in-depth awareness of the craft and art of poetry makes the writing more effective and reading more fulfilling. Participants will learn about special techniques, to include the structure of the poem itself, sound effects that enhance the musicality of the reading, and the use of imagery that reinforces the meaning of the poem’s message. We invite you to join us in the enriching and rewarding experience of reading and writing poetry. 

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